The current Financial Literacy Training is specifically designed for disadvantaged 16-29 years old.

The training is based on the intellectual results, developed during this project as following:

  • Result 1: Handbook and educative videos for youth with fewer opportunities and youth with fewer opportunities youth in terms of
    financial literacy
  • Result 4: Supportive worksheets on proper own financial management

With this toolkit, we would like to support you as youth workers to extend your professional competence to conduct financial literacy trainings in affordable and easy to understand way. We emphasize the importance of education that is engaging, hands‐on, and implemented on a case‐by‐case basis. Having reachable objectives, we believe they will succeed in improving certain aspects of young people’s personal financial management, such as maintaining a mortgage, increasing savings, participating in employer‐sponsored benefit plans, budgeting, and understanding credit. As mentioned above, financial literacy will influence the quality of their lifestyle.